About us

The team behind Dive Down is made up of Sam Draws Things, Sam Attenborough, Dan Zetterström and Bruno Sá Marques.  Here are our stories (so far)….
Sam Draws Things
Once upon a time there was a fairy with wild curly hair and sticky out ears.  She hatched out of a walnut shell in the bottom of a garden, and the people who owned the garden were rather pleasantly surprised and adopted her.  She went to school with other children, who were all very nice humans, and learnt all sorts of interesting things including how to draw and paint.  She fell in love with the Pre Raphaelites painters and the Brothers Grimm, and discovered how not to do maths.  She went to university where she was allowed to draw naked people, which was awesome (she learned from the humans that nudity is allowed so long as it’s artistic), and wrote essays about how fairy stories can save the world.  After that, sometimes she told stories in libraries, and made cuttlefish sock puppets with fairy lights built in so that they could glow in the dark, just like the real ones.
For a while she worked with some lovely people who helped to save frogs, toads, newts, snakes and lizards.  Then one day, she realised that what she really wanted to be doing is draw and create the new fairy stories that will help to save the world.  She became a professional illustrator, and uses her creative mind to do all sorts of cool and pretty things for people.
Sam the fairy created Dive Down (which is something of an autobiographical tale) to help anyone else contemplating making the leap from where they think they should be to where they really want to be.
Sam Attenborough 
One upon a time there was a pixie with big brown eyes and a lovely round shiny head.  Like a lot of pixies, he was very clever and loved solving problems.  His best friend when he was a young pixie was a magpie, and he and the magpie shared a love of shiny things, especially shiny electronic things that made cool noises and sounds.
One day, the pixie became rather bored of living in the woods – there simply weren’t enough shiny things around to play with.  So he left his magpie friend, stole a suit from a washing line, and went to work in a big shiny office.  He made a special wig so that no one would see his shiny head and realise that he was a pixie.  He made the magical computers in the office do all sorts of clever things, and the humans started to pay him to talk to their computers for him, because he was so much better at it than they were.  He then discovered that you can swap money for even cooler things shiny things – things that go really, really fast and make LOTS of noise.  He learnt all sorts of things about horsepower and tyres and suspension.
Eventually, like any normal human or pixie, he became fed up of the shiny offices, and started to pay more attention to the people working in them.  He threw away his wig, which helped his pixie mind to see the bright shining light inside each person – the real, authentic self that was just desperate for someone to notice it.  No longer ashamed of his pixie roots, he became a personal development coach, and started to work with those shining lights, helping them to shine more and more brightly in all the people he meets, until each person glows like a firefly on midsummer eve.
Sam the pixie helped Sam the fairy find her inner glow, and added the words to Dive Down to help anyone that reads it glow too.  He is busily finding new words and stories to help more and more people light up and shine like cuttlefish in the deep blue sea.
 seal by Sam Goodlet from www.divedownthebook.com
Dan Zetterström
Once upon a time a space ship  hovered high above planet earth.  All the aliens on the ship were watching BBC iPlayer.  They noticed that their favourite programmes (Dr Who and Torchwood) talked a lot about a magical, special place called Cardiff.  It looked like this place would be the perfect spot for someone from outer space to be accepted, and to meet humans and learn more about them.
One of the aliens really loved plant earth.  He loved their films and TV series and stories, especially their fairy stories, and loved writing his own.  He grew a cool beard like some of the humans he had seen, and beamed down to land in the Apple store in Cardiff.  There he helped lots of people learn more about how technology can enable them to communicate with other humans, access cool information and play with the world around them, even (and especially) when they thought they can’t do those things or that iPads are too new fangled for them.  His lovely beard, friendly eyes and surprisingly down to earth manner (for an alien) helped the humans see that technology isn’t scary, but something fun and exciting.  The alien became really excited about helping people this way, and started to plan an amazing business where he would empower humans through working with them to create films, eBooks, animations, apps… all kinds of weird and wonderful creative technological things.
Dan the alien helped turn Dive Down into a cool eBook, so that people all over the world can enjoy it.  He can use his alien powers to share other stories too, as well as having lots of amazing stories himself to help illuminate planet earth.
Bruno Sá Marques 
Once upon a time there was a time travelling poet wizard.  He has forgotten how long ago he was born, and exactly where that was in the universe.  For now, he decided to live in Lisbon, and spent a lot of time wandering in the fairy tale landscape of Sintra.
For a while, the wizard too worked in one of the shiny offices, helping humans make the world go around by magicking up ways to move information around and for the humans to communicate with each other.  He was very good at this, but it didn’t give him a lot of time to dream and help humans in the way he knew he could.  He felt a bit tired, having travelled so much through time and lived so many lives.  One day, he was talking to the moon about this, and she decided what he really needed was a little girl to look after him, and help him remember how to play and be silly, so she sent the poet wizard a daughter called Luna.
The tall and willowy poet wizard learned over his lives how to make art out of anything.  He magicked a way to pull music from the air, filtering it through his dreams and out of his finger tips into a piano or a guitar.  Sometimes Luna helped him to do this – playing the piano with a ball while the wizard improvised along, or just throwing things at him when he got too serious and felt too old.
Bruno the wizard has magicked up a piano piece inspired by Dive Down to weave into the eBook, helping the story light up people’s ears as well as their eyes, minds and hearts.  He has all sorts of other songs and stories hovering around him, ready to share too.