The seals start to swim away….

Dive Down started as a series of illustrations that evolved into a story that needed to be shared.  At first, illustrator Sam Draws Things shared them as a serial on her social media channels.

Then, she set up this website and gave the story away as a free PDF.

Then some people said they would like to buy a copy, and she hadn’t thought about that before, so she quickly sussed out self publishing and uploaded it to Amazon.


Sam also wanted to give away paper copies, so she had 100 pocket sized books printed to give away, along with little ‘free book’ bookmarks so that some of them can be left in special places for people to find and take them home.   These are just starting to find their new homes.

The first batch went to Steve Young, also known as electronic music producer Hedflux.  He is off on an epic adventure with his family.  You can find his Facebook page with his news and music here.


The little books are swimming far and wide now, and you can see a map of where they have gone here.