Dive Down

My name is Sam, and I draw things.

For a long time I struggled with being the Great Pretender; I wore a mask that fulfilled the expectations of those around me. I felt I was never quite good enough and the running lie that had become my life left me cold, empty and permeated by deep loneliness. I searched for my purpose but always found it just out of reach, like a half-heard whisper.

Even though I was surrounded by people who loved me and whom I loved, no one knew the real me, I was (and still am) a people-pleaser, but I did it at the expense of my Self.


I was very good at occupying myself, to run away from those feelings which clouded my mind in times of quiet. I devoted my time to work, relationships, friends and academia, leaving no room for stillness.

I had a lot of support from Sam Attenborough at this time, first as a mentor and later as a close friend. He saw past the pretence of my situation and ploughed straight to the heart of who I am and what I wanted.

Knowing that I needed to make some serious changes I left my job, my relationship and my home.


I dived down, and this is the story of that transformation.

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Sam Attenborough and I are sharing Dive Down to reach out to anyone going transformation, anyone overwhelmed by the spectrum of their emotions, anyone who wants to change their life.


If you really love the story and need to have it in your hands, there is a gorgeous paperback copy available at Amazon here.





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